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CAA Approved Training Provider

One of the benefits of training with us is that you will be instructed by a CAA / NZQA qualified and Model Flying New Zealand approved instructor for multi rotors and fixed wing aircraft who understands the operating parameters of this new technology. Whether it be UAV, RPAS, UAS or drone applications we provide a solid and robust experience for your business needs.

As an adult educator and HSE specialist I have brought my professional career into the fold of RPA Skills, providing hazard and risk management techniques that will assist with meeting new laws and strengthen the RPA operator’s duties under current health and safety legislation.

Here at RPA Skills we provide the drone industry with our new and exciting one day 101 RPA Flight Management course. We also run a two and half day 102 courses through Flight Test NZ and ASMS Group. As drone operators we recognise the need to provide the market with a high quality training programme for operators who have taken to using multi rotors and fixed winged aircraft as a way of enhancing their business to save time and money.


Get the right advice not all training providers are alike and so make sure you are getting the right course for your needs. If you're not sure what you need 101 or 102 then just give us a call for a no obligation free chat and well ensure you are on the right track.


Are you a business? why is training so important.

Health and Safety: As of the 4th of April 2016 all Employers (PCBU's) must ensure staff are trained in the safe use of all plant and equipment in the workplace. After completing the flight test you will have a certificate of competency to meet this legal obligation for your company. Clients are required to ensure contractors are qualified to undertake the works performed and we are happy to help you meet this responsibility


It's just a flying camera right? Wrong!

With this equipment in the trained hands you have an amazing cost effect risk mitigating and time saving device that the world has only scratched the surface of opportunities. By using drones and exploring new ways of using these aircraft we have seen so many new ideas and possibilities. While attending the course you get to discuss and share ideas where these tools could be utilized. A flying camera is just the beginning. 




  • Fixed Wing and Multi Rotor training assessments for 101 and 102 OCA's.

  • I specialise in building inspection, mast inspections and maintenance photography. With 30 years of operating model aircraft I can place drones in places where few venture and most avoid. 

  • Drone Operator for hire. Need a drone tested or flown? Give us a call. Any size any weight we fly them all. 

  • CAA 102 Exposition Manuals

  • RPA Policy and Procedures

  • CAA Operating Advice

  • ​Safe Operations Management

  • ​Flight Operations

  • ​Systems Training

  • Advanced Flight Training

With over 30 years experience in building, flying and in more recent years competing nationally with model aircraft I have a solid background within the industry, this coupled with a private pilot’s licence I am able to provide clients a wealth of practical hands on knowledge and experience.

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